Training Trip to Sweden

I was lucky enough to have just returned from a Trip to Europe where I spent two days conducting training in Uppsala Sweden.  Thanks to for sponsoring the courses.

In the two days we covered the following topics.

  • FCWS Structure
  • FirstClass 12 API
    • Introduction to the FirstClass API
    • Review the API documentation and the API DocSet Viewer
    • Using the API Inspector to understand how to retrieve and parse returned JSON data from the server
    • Use the API inspector to understand how to create and update content on the FirstClass server
    • Review code samples and available source code
    • Build an application using the API Inspector as a template
    • Single Signon and Login Tickets
  • External Applications
    • Installing External Applications
    • Using the External Application Development Template
    • Storing and retrieving user based application data
    • Building an external application
  • FCWS Customization
    • Skinning or Theming FCWS
    • Custom Icon creation and retrieval

There were 6 students in the class from Sweden and Germany.  A great bunch.

I was able to take my wife with me again and this time after training we were off to Paris for a couple of days before returning home.  I am looking forward to other opportunities.

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