Grind For Kids

Every year I commit to climbing the Grouse Grind in support for the BC Children’s Hospital. The campaign is called Grind For Kids.

The Grouse Grind® is a 2.9-kilometre trail up the face of Grouse Mountain, commonly referred to as “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster.”

Trail Facts

Length: 2.9 kilometres (1.8 miles)

Elevation Gain: 853 metres (2,800 feet)
Base: 274 metres above sea level (900 feet)
Summit: 1,127 metres (3,700 feet)
Total Stairs: 2,830

In 2015, I completed my 25th climb of the season on August 28.  I plan to continue climbing until the season ends.

You can sponsor me by going to my fund raising page at

Here is a high speed video of me doing the climb a couple of years ago.

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