Nginx Load Balancing for FCWS on a Mac

pdf_iconDownload this document and learn how you can set up an Nginx Load Balancer for FirstClass Web Services on a Macintosh using Nginx. Nginx will be running on a Macintosh, but the instances of fcws can either be running on the same machine, or on another Mac OR Linux box.
For the purposes of this document, I demonstrate both Nginx and 3 instances of FCWS running under CherryPy all on the same box.


Download -> SupportingFiles

  • – the modified shell script provided by Kevin
    The script compiles a basic version of Nginx 1.5.7.
  • nginx.conf – a modified nginx.conf file that establishes load balancing to three instances of FCWS
    ​The document covers both load balancing over http as well as https.

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