An iPhone/iPad app for those of us who need those extra reminders.

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Prompt Me iPhone/iPad App

Prompt me is a flexible, well-designed app that fills a need for busy people.

  • Timer Activities
    Set up intervals and repetitions for all of your different exercise or drill sets. Great for musicians, trainers and gym goers alike.
  • Other Activities
    Set up activities that prompt you to follow a plan or recipe.
  • Audible Feedback
    Supports sound, vocal and/or taptic feedback.
  • Dropbox
    With an in-app purchase you can backup your sets Dropbox and restore to any other iOS device that has Prompt Me installed including an iPad.

Prompt Me Screens

Always be Reminded/Prompted

Prompt Me Videos

Tips and tricks on how to effectivly use the the Prompt Me app.

Introducing Prompt Me

Timer Activities

Other Activities

Contact Us

Drop us a line & we will be in touch soon. Your comments and favorable ratings on the app store are most appreciated.

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  • 1-234 West 17th Street, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • (604) 499-8130

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