A trip planning and distance logging app for iPhone and iPad.

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TripTic iPhone/iPad App

TripTic offers a wide range of features with a Beautiful Design & Great Functionality.

  • Trip Plannng
    Plan all of your trips ahead of time by searching for locations, or choosing from your contacts and have trouble-free navigation.
  • Share
    Add frequently travelled locations to your own categories and share them with others using email or airdrop.
  • Log your travel
    Log your walking or driving distances and generate reports based on monthly or yearly activity. Share your reports with others by email.
  • Dropbox
    With an in-app purchase you can backup your sites and logs to Dropbox and restore to any other iOS device that has TripTic installed including an iPad.

Feature Rich Application

More than just a Navigation/Trip Planning application

TripTic Videos

Tips and tricks on how to effectivly use the the TripTic app.

Introducing TripTic

What's New in Version 1.5

TripTic in Paris

TripTic Logs

Dropbox Integration

Contact Us

Drop us a line & we will be in touch soon. Your comments and favorable ratings on the app store are most appreciated.

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