Not ANOTHER SwiftUI ToDo App!!

A 6 part YouTube series and 4 part iOS 15 update/alternative where we build a ToDo App in SwiftUI that includes the MVVM design pattern, data persistence by coding and decoding data and saving to the documents directory and meaningful user feedback on errors. Then..... we refactor the app using the Combine reactive framework, learning about different Combine publishers and subscribers and how they all work with SwiftUI. In the update we start after video 3 and refactor with iOS 15 features and throwing functions.
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An introduction to the course and an overview of the application that we will be creating.
Building a ToDo App using SwiftUI and the MVVM design pattern.
Encoding and saving a file containing a JSON representation of your data. Load same by decoding JSON.
Handle all possible errors and report back to your users with a responsible and readable alert.
Introducing the Combine PassThroughSubject and the .sink subscriber.
Introduction to the Just publisher and how SwiftUI and the ObservableObject protocol use the @Published propertyWrapper
Replace @Published properties with a combine CurrentValueSubject publisher.

iOS 15 Updates

iOS 15 APIs, FocusState, Keyboard Toolbar and Alerts
Throwing Functions
Swipe Actions and Bound Lists
Adding List Filtering with Searchable

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