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Swift and SwiftUI Fundamentals


Weekly tutorials highlighting different topics in the Swift Language. Tutorials are in depth and sometime span more than one tutorial. Subscribe to the channel and get notifications when new videos are posted. The most recent videos are shown in the most recent section but be sure to check out the entire playlist.



Some more in depth tutorials or series of tutorials that explore the development of different techniques that you can use in your projects.

Research and Development Tools

From time to time, I will be posting videos showing some of the tools I find useful in my iOS Development.

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SwiftUI Wordle App Clone

A 9 part series on building a fully featured SwuftUI Wordle app clone for iPhone and iPad

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Top Headlines

A 4 part series to create a Top Headlines app using the API. iOS14 and 15 features.

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Not Another SwiftUI ToDO App!!!

A 6 part series on building a SwiftUI ToDo app from scratch and then refactoring it using the Combine framework.

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Weather App Course

A 15 part series building a real iOS app. Create a reusable service class for API requests, utilize MVVM design pattern and test the waters of Combine

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My Images - SwiftUI App

A 5 part series building a SwiftUI app that allows you to pick a photo or snap a photo and save and present it to your users. Images are also zoomable with pan and zoom.

JSON and Codable protocol

A 9 part series on using the Codable protocol in Swift and SwiftUI to decode and encode JSON.

Firebase Login with SwiftUI

A 10 part series on how to sign up and login to Firebase with email or Sign In with Apple.

Xcode and Git

A 6 part series on using Xcode to manage Git version control.

Most Recent

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Guard vs If Explained
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Dual Purpose Forms and FocusState
SKOveray-Promote your Apps
Mastering SwiftLint
In-App Subscriptions with Glassfy - Part 2
In-App Subscriptions with Glassfy - Part 1
Hot Reloading in SwiftUI
Realm Config and Notification Tokens
Mastering the Editor
Realm One-Many Relationship - Part 2
Realm One-Many Relationship - Part 1
Menu Bar Apps
Taming Xcide - Part 2
Realm PropertyWrappers - Part 2
Realm PropertyWrappers - Part 1

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