SwiftUI Wordle App Clone

A 9 part YouTube video series on building a Wordle App Clone using SwiftUI
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An introduction to the course, an overview of the application that we will be creating and application setup.
Create the game board and make sure it scales well for all devices including both iPhone and iPad
Create the keyboard and again ensure that it scales well to all devices including iPhone and iPad
Find a source for dictionary words and use a playground to parse and filter for 5 letter ones. Use iPhone Dictionary to validate entry.
Use another playground page to develop logic for checking the matching of letters in guess with secret word.
Animate the flipping of the guess letters and update background colors of keys with color matches.
Create a Toast view to provide feedback on entry and a Statistics view for game results over time.
Provide ability to share current game results with a share sheet and give user ability to select light or dark mode.
Enable hard mode, add help screen and sync statistics across all devices via iCloud

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